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Parent to Parent of Georgia Offering WAZE to Adulthood Parent and Professional Training

In the Parent to Parent's 2021 WAZE training module, the focus was on “Keeping the End in Mind” when determining where your child wants to be after high school and outlining the steps needed to get there. This year, the WAZE training module is Path to Success: Transition Planning and the IEP.

This new, FREE, and SELF-PACED training provides information on transition planning and the importance of the Transition IEP in helping students be successful in their education, future employment, and independent living. It’s not required, but it is recommended to take the "End in Mind" training if you didn't take it in 2021. The 2nd option below includes both training opportunities.

Training is Open From February 15 - March 1, 2022

WAZE Year 2 Flyer - GA
Download PDF • 233KB

OPTION 1 - Transition Planning and the IEP (2022 Training) This option will take about 2 hrs to complete REGISTER:

OPTION 2 (2021 Training) AND Transition Planning and the IEP (2022 Training). This option will take about 4 hrs to complete REGISTER:

Both options can be accessed anytime during the 2-week time frame. A certificate will be provided to participants upon completion.

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