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IEP Development

East Central GLRS offers a self-paced online IEP course.  The course is free of charge and uses content developed by the Georgia Department of Education.  For more information and to participate in the professional learning complete the contact form requesting access to the course.

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Behavior Toolbox

The Behavior Toolbox provides an online collection of tools and resources that will help educators address classroom behavior.  Included in the toolbox are links to online professional learning, PBIS resources, classroom management resources, behavior screeners and much more.

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Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive education is a schoolwide culture and practice of valuing each student as a learner across general education classrooms, rather than a particular program or place.  School leaders use schedules, teacher teams, and data to ensure the academic progress and success of each student. 

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Co-Teaching and LRE

Co-teaching is more than using a model. It’s a partnership to provide substantially different instruction and outcomes for students with two teachers in the room. The Georgia Department of Education provides tools, resources, and professional learning modules for co-teaching.

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Transition is the movement from school to post-school environments.  It should include skills necessary for the student to be successful in education, employment, and independent living after the completion of high school.  Transition tools and resources are available through the Georgia Department of Education.  

Technology at School

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is to improve student achievement, productivity, independence, and inclusion by increasing student access to assistive technology devices and services and enhancing educator knowledge of assistive technology.​​

Graduation Caps

School Completion Toolkit

The Georgia Department of Education School Completion Toolkit provides links to state and national resources, as well as successful practices from LEAs across the state, aimed at improving outcomes for all students, including students with disabilities.  

Math Exercises

Mathematics Equity Toolkit 

The Georgia Department of Education Mathematics Equity Toolkit provides tools for districts and schools to support the work of addressing equity in mathematics and beyond 

Georgia's Multi-level prevention system.

Georgia's Tiered System of Supports for Students

Georgia's Tiered System of Supports for Students is a Multi-tiered System of Supports which includes screening, progress monitoring, multi-level prevention system, and data-based decision making.  Georgia's model also includes infrastructure to ensure schools can develop a systemic and preventive educational system that can be easily personalized for every child.  

Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance IV.

Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance 

The Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance is a volunteer organization that works to improve transition services for individuals with disabilities through activities that bridge the services and information gap in transition community options, employment, and post-secondary opportunities in the Heart of Georgia Region. Visit the HGTA website to learn more and how you can become a volunteer.

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High Leverage Practices

High Leverage practices are frequently occurring, essential educational practices that all K-12 special educators should know how to do. Broadly applicable across content areas, these practices when successfully implemented can improve results for struggling learners. 

Reach the Top

Self Determination

Self-Determination is a concept reflecting the belief that all individuals have the right to direct their own lives.  It is acting as the primary causal agent in one's life free from undue external influence or interference (Wehmeyer,1996).  The Georgia Department of Education has adopted ASPIRE and the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction to support educators to assist students to build self-determination skills. 

Children Embracing in Circle

Directory of Summer Camps for Children with Disabilities 

During the summer months, many parents want to find recreational or camp
programs for their children. Sometimes it can be especially hard to find programs
that accept children with disabilities or programs that are specifically designed for
these youngsters. The purpose of this Directory is to help parents, educators, and
other interested citizens find such programs.
The Directory presents information on day camps, residential camps, school camps, and various recreational and instructional programs that accept youngsters with
disabilities. Most programs listed are located in Georgia.

Teacher Resources

Need More Resources?

For additional resources not found on this page, feel free to contact East Central GLRS.  We look forward to helping you help students with disabilities be successful.  

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