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Teaching Digitally, A Free Resource Guide to Help ANY K-12 Educator contains many resources and tools to help teachers become proficient in virtual instruction. The guide was created by Nadine Gilkison a Google for Education Certified Innovator. Check out the resource guide here.

The Georgia Department of Education has many resources available to help co-teachers prepare and execute high-quality face to face and/or virtual instruction. Find many resources at the links below including resources for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and information on Dyslexia.

Distance Learning Guide

Georgia Home Classroom

Link to Other Planning Resources and Presentations

Designing for Accessibility Posters

Designing accessible services is critically important. As teachers develop online lessons and resources the posters can be helpful in determining how to make the content available to all students. The accessibility posters provided by Home Office covers best design practices for low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, dyslexia, motor disabilities, and users on the autism spectrum. These posters are made shareable through a Creative Commons license which allows everyone to share.

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