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Volume 2: Issue 1

Welcome to AT Bytes, our “byte-sized” microlearning experience. We provide professional development and microlearning opportunities to help educators understand how assistive technology aids students in meeting their Individualized Education Programs (IEP) goals, achieving objectives, and advancing in the general curriculum.

Download a printable .pdf version here.

Transition Programming for Students with Autism: Strategies, Assessment, and Partnership

A workshop intended for high school educators, transition

coordinators, and other transition service providers within the

school setting. The training will be offered Thursday, October 5th, from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Please join P2P as we welcome Susanna Miller Raines, Program Manager of Think College to share and discuss information about college programs for students with intellectual disability. There are over 300 programs across the country, and 9 in Georgia. Learn about how to prepare for college and what resources are available nationally, regionally and within Georgia.

Date: Monday, July 31, 2023 Time: 1 pm - 2 pm

To register for this event, please visit the link below or click on the QR code provided on the attached flyer:

Susanna is a program manager for the Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network and a training and technical assistance provider working closely with regional and state alliances and those that are in development. Prior to Think College, Susanna led the Georgia Inclusive Postsecondary Education Alliance out of the Center for Leadership in Disability at Georgia State University. Susanna is also the co-founder and was the founding board chair of the Southeast Postsecondary Education Alliance. Her work has been focused on supporting exploration and implementation of inclusive higher education programs in Georgia as well as building state and regional alliances. Think College@thinkcollegeici

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