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Brittney Faircloth, Laurens County Schools SHOWCASE Transition Teacher, celebrates the accomplishments of her students. Brittney stated, "Our young adults are doing AMAZING things!!"

Students in Brittney's classroom spend every school day working towards transitioning from high school. Their classroom is set up like a home where they learn to cook breakfast and lunch daily using the microwave, oven, and stove. In addition to time spent in school, Brittany's students are learning to navigate the world of work and are provided community experiences. Students in the program work three days a week in Supportive Employment. The students are currently employed at the Salvation Army and Dublin OBGYN. Brittany stated that her students LOVE their jobs!! They have real working experiences such as clocking in and out, dressing appropriately for work,

interacting with employees and customers, and completing the tasks given to them by their bosses.

Supported Employment can lead to more permanent positions. A student who participated in Supported Employment last year at Your Pie is now employed by them. He works Monday-Friday after school. Brittney said, "He loves it there, and I often ponder if he would have known he had an interest in food service if we had not had a supportive employ

ment placement there."

The program provides opportunities for students with disabilities that help increase their daily living and vocational skills. Additional opportunities in the community include access to Fairview Fitness Center, where students work out on Thursdays. The students in the Showcase

Transition Program have opened their own bank accounts, made deposits into their bank accounts, and used their debit cards for purchases in the community. They've obtained their Georgia Identification Cards, filled out applications for library cards, and completed the voter registration process. The program prepares them to live as independently as possible and hopefully leads them to obtain a job. Brittney stated, "The Showcase Transition Program boosts the students' confidence and shows them they are CAPABLE! "

For more information on the structure of Laurens County Showcase Transition Program, see the attached document at the link below.

The first High-Leverage Practice for Students with Disabilities is Collaboration - - "For special education teachers, constantly working with a wide range of people, other teachers, school staff, families, and caregivers - is more than part of the job description. Working with these various groups and collaborating with them is essential and ultimately provides many benefits for the children we work to support. Implementing collaboration practices builds effective relationships and creates a better understanding of students' needs, which allows them to succeed."

Riley Troili, a Special Education Teacher at Bleckley County Elementary School, understands the importance of collaboration. Riley had a vision to form an alliance with other teachers in Bleckley County and surrounding areas who, like her, also teach special education in a self-contained setting. Through the alliance, she thought it would be a great way to share ideas, give encouragement, and support each other. As she shared her vision with a local agri-tourism business owner of Green Acres Farm, Leigh Ann Greene, an idea was formed to offer a Free Special Needs Day to teachers and their classes who are a part of the Alliance.

But first came the Alliance. Through Riley's vision, the Facebook Group Special Educators Alliance (SEA) was established and has 40 members from 14 counties. The motto of the group is "Catch the Wave to Excellence." And excellence it has achieved.

Special Needs Day at Green Acres Farm

From collaboration to implementation, the vision of SEA has already implemented a plan. On Friday, September 22, 2023, fourteen groups from seven counties will attend the Special Needs Day at Green Acres Farm. One hundred fifty students will experience and benefit from the collaborative efforts of one teacher with a vision! To Catch the Wave of Excellence, check out Riley Trioli's SEA Facebook page and see the true benefit of collaboration!

WINGS is bringing a documentary to Theatre Dublin as part of their Domestic Violence Awareness Month events. The screening will be on October 3rd at 10 a.m. The documentary is called "This is Where I Learned Not to Sleep." The film follows Lt. Mark Wynn of the Nashville Police Department as he visits his child

Wings Event October 3 event final
Download PDF • 158KB

hood home and reflects on how domestic violence impacted his life. It also shows how his career is dedicated to training officers on how to be protectors of victims and their children. We ask our community partners to share the information and help WINGS spread the word.

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