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Mathematics Virtual Specialist Program 2023-2024

The GaDOE Mathematics Team is excited to announce the MathCONnet Virtual Specialist Program for the 2023-2024 school year! As we work to support

the fidelity of implementation of Georgia’s K-12 Mathematics Standards, we are expanding opportunities for teachers to include interaction with virtual mathematics

specialists from each region to support the exploration of Georgia’s K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Resources. MathCONnet will consist of three live, synchronous sessions and nine supporting asynchronous experiences to provide more details on the variety of

state resources being provided for the newly adopted mathematics standards.

The virtual specialists will provide information on the asynchronous experiences

and facilitate the grade level/course sessions during the live events.

-1st live, synchronous session: November 15, 2023 + 3 supporting

asynchronous sessions

-2nd live, synchronous session: February 7, 2024 + 3 supporting asynchronous


-3rd live, synchronous session: March 27, 2024 + 3 supporting asynchronous


For more information on the MathCON sessions, visit the MathCOnnect Virtual

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