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Originally a Collaborative Initiative between the Georgia Department of Education, Division for Special Education and Student Services, and the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities  ASPIRE is a student-led IEP initiative that assists students with disabilities to develop self-determination skills and behaviors.  Active Students Participation Inspires Real Engagement (ASPIRE) helps students learn about their strengths, challenge areas, interests, present levels, services, and accommodations through active participation in their IEP processes and meetings.  


ASPIRE  was funded by the Georgia State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), Georgia Department of Education through a grant from the Office of Special Education Programs, United States Department of Education, and is a collaboration with the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities.   Use the link below to access training, materials, and resources from the ASPIRE project.  

ASPIREPlus is the partnership grant awarded by the Institute of Education Science (IES) to Georgia to collaborate with the University of Kansas and Dr. Michael Wehmeyer to assist in the scale-up of self-determination initiatives, including the implementation of the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction (SDLMI). The collaboration will allow us to conduct research on the effectiveness of the student-led IEP initiative (ASPIRE) and the SDLMI in Georgia.​


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