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Heart of Georgia Transition Alliance Goals 

Goals were developed based on priorities and data from school districts and communities to help students with disabilities transition from high school to post-high school options including employment opportunities and post-secondary education. 


Goal 1

Bridge the information and services gap by encouraging agencies to work together and to share knowledge in order to raise the number of students with disabilities who graduate and who enter the work force.

Goal 2

Reduce gaps attributable to budget constraints through grant writing, fund raising, etc…

Goal 3

Influence the Heart of Georgia  Region to adopt, expand, and support programs and services which can be sustainable over time so that students with disabilities and their families can receive consistent transition programming and information from early on.

Goal 4

Develop transportation options so that individuals with disabilities can access services and employment.

Goal 5

Improve the individual education and transition planning processes so that planning meetings and student interviews can be positive and effective transition tools

Goal 6

Develop a culture among schools and employers in which individuals will be educated and employed based on their abilities rather than excluded based on disability.

Goal 7

Support, empower, and partner with families to raise awareness of resources and information concerning transition so that individuals with disabilities will become productive citizens.

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