Assistive Technology
Resources & Tools

Assistive Technology Professional Learning Resources 

Assistive Technology Internet Modules 

AT Internet Modules contain excellent, free-to-use internet modules to help districts provide training on multiple topics related to Assistive Technology. Each module contains case studies, instructional videos, pre and post-assessments, and many more resources for educators.  

QIAT Indicators for
Assistive Technology Services 

The Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology include the specific quality indicators that were developed by focus groups and validated through research.  There are eight areas important to the development and delivery of AT services.  

Assistive Technology Tools 

Online Class

Speech to Text

Speech to text is an assistive technology that uses dictation tools to help students who struggle with writing.  Students use their voices to dictate what they want to write instead of writing by hand or with a keyboard.  A link to an informational video from the Georgia Department of Education is provided at the link below. 

Online Communication

Text to Speech

Students who struggle with reading could benefit from this assistive technology.  With this technology, a computer, tablet, or other device converts text to speech and reads out loud to the student.  This helps students focus on word meanings and provide access to classroom materials.  A link to an informational video from the Georgia Department of Education is provided at the link below.